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Boutique Transitional Care


Whether returning home or to your hotel room following a stay in the hospital or rehab center, outpatient surgery or treatment center, our Boutique care coordinator can customize a ‘Transitional Care Package’ to suit your unique needs.  Relax and let MedSide manage all the details to ensure a safe and comfortable recovery.


Included in every package

  • Pick up by MedSide driver and private transport to your home or hotel
  • Drop off and pick-up of your prescriptions or other necessities
  • Varying levels of care from a qualified Care Assistant
  • Care management and availability from your Boutique Care Coordinator
  • Nurse on-call for telephone consultation


Transitional Care Packages

‘VIP Complete’ - 24 hours of support $650
‘VIP Mini’ - 12 hours of support $350
‘VIP Rehab’ - 8 hours of support $275


Continuing Care  - Up to 4 hours daily from your Care Assistant

7 days/week $530/week
5 days/week $400/week
3 days/week $250/week

 *RN Initial Assessment and Evaluation included (Value of $220)


Additional Services

Additional support from your care assistant $20/hour
RN Initial Assessment and Evaluation $220



Call (404) 623-3356 today to learn more and schedule your free assessment

Because Being Home is always better

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