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Boutique Home Care FAQ



What is Boutique Home Care?

MedSide’s Boutique Home Care is a unique solution to personalizing in-home care. Our gerontologist is highly trained in the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of aging, and works one on one with our clients in designing a Care Package of services based on their unique needs.


Who are your clients?

Because MedSide Healthcare has been providing home care services for twenty years, we realize that no two individuals or needs are alike: Some may be recovering from illness or surgery and need short-term assistance; others are facing the challenge of a chronic condition and need ongoing support; then there are those who appreciate the benefits of having extra assistance at home to be secure and comfortable. Adding each unique personality to the mix calls for an individual solution.


What services do you offer?

Since we are a full service agency we can offer a full range of care options-everything from licensed clinicians, skilled nurses, personal and companion Care Assistants, transportation escort, as well as other complementary services which can be arranged upon request. We are able to offer what our clients want, when and where they need it. Our goal for our Boutique clients is to ensure their needs will be met, in a complete, personal, and confidential way.


How does Boutique Home Care differ from other Home Care companies?

The Boutique Home Care fee structure is not based on an hourly rate, but on a personalized Care Package. We promise that every task will be managed with care to our client’s complete satisfaction. Should a client prefer to pay hourly, that option is also available. At MedSide, we value the trust our clients place in us and strive to build the intimate relationships that enable true personal care.


How does ‘Boutique Home Care’ work?

The first step is to schedule your complimentary assessment with our gerontologist. Based on the results, a customized Care Package will be created just for you. After careful selection and introduction of your Care Assistant and other staff as indicated, a Care Coordinator will ensure your continued satisfaction through being available to address any questions or concerns, providing watchful oversight of your situation, and making the personal visits that let you know we care.


Call (404) 623-3356 today to learn more and schedule your free assessment

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