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How to create google email signature:


Step 1: Click link bellow

HTML signature

You must see signature template

Signature select


Step 2: Right click on signature template and click "Select ALL"***(for Internet Explorer)

*** For Chrome: Select your entire signature design (click Ctrl and A at the same time) and Copy (click Ctrl and C at the same time).

On other broswers where you cannot select the content by highlighting it, go to Edit > Select All and then Edit > Copy

Signature select_right_click


If the signature box (as seen below) should be blue.

Signature selected


Step 3: Right click on selected area and click "Copy"

Signature selected_copy


Step 4: Go to your MedSide email

You will see the Machine Gear icon on the upper right hand side. In the drop down menu, go to Settings.




In the drop down menu, click Settings.



Step 5: Scroll down and find the Signature field (delete all contents: it must be empty)


Please remove your old signature in your email account settings.



Step 6: Right click on Signature field and select "Paste"

Signature paste


Now you can see the copied signature in your signature field

Signature selected_paste


Step 7: Last changes

Please do not change anything. You can change only:

Please, change "Your Name" to your real first and last name

"Your title" to your real title

"ext. XXXX" to your real extension

(if you do not have an extension, please delete "ext. XXXX")

Signature selected_paste_change


Step 8: Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.



Step 8: Testing - Click "Compose"

Signature compose


If you see your new signature, enjoy!

If you do NOT see your new signature, please return to step 1.

Signature done


 That is it! You are done!

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